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What are niçoise olives?

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

There are different types of olives available all around the world. niçoise olives are one of them that are farmed and grown in the southern part of France. They have a dark purple colour that is mostly used in salads. They are also very rich in vitamins and good for health. There are thousands of ways to eat it. They are small in size and have a large pit inside. Also pronounced as NEE-swahs.

They are grown to be used in both table olive and olive oil as well. It is one of the most consumed olives out in the market. These are one of the best olives to buy if you are on a healthy diet. There are some resemblances of it with kalamata olives. That is why you can see thousands of searches of niçoise olives vs kalamata. But niçoise olive is the best option to go for. They are left to ripe on the tree until they are dark in colour and after that, they are left in water for the cure to be perfect for use. So, dive to know more about this fruit.

Uses of niçoise olives:

  • As they are grown near the sea, they are used in seafood

  • They are most popularly used in salads

  • Toppings of pizza

  • Mixed with sauces

  • It is used in drinks

  • Used in pasta

  • Sandwiches

How to store niçoise olives:

Niçoise olive doesn’t spoil easily but they do dry out. They should also be kept at room temperature. The best way to serve them is to take them out of the room temperature. So, to avoid them from drying out keep them in brine or a jar with olive oil, and to keep them at room temperature it is advisable to put them in the refrigerator and before cooking them in a recipe put some salt on it. They are also cured in sea salt brine for six months and more. The niçoise olives are not the type of olives to spoil they are good to use for many months. So don’t freak out.

Where to buy niçoise olives:

We know after knowing these amazing benefits and pairing ideas of niçoise olive you are excited to know about where to buy them. So niçoise olives are very easy to buy. They can easily be found at every grocery store. They are placed in jars and cans to keep their life extended. But to facilitate you, even more, you can easily buy niçoise olives online. You can also buy the best quality niçoise olives at that guarantees freshness and quality. So, what are you waiting for?

Benefits of niçoise olives:

  • Rich in vitamin E and oleic acid

  • It is very good for your heart

  • It protects against cancer

  • Protect nerve cells

  • Healthier skin

Substitute of niçoise olives:

The niçoise olives are very easy to buy but still if they are not available you can use kalamata olives. Kalamata olives are the perfect substitute for niçoise olives. Kalamata and niçoise olives are both rich in antioxidants and healthy fats. They are both dark purple. However, the kalamata is grown and originated in Greece.

Taste of niçoise olives:

Due to the niçoise olives being cured in liquid they taste a bit salty. They have a pleasantly sour and bitter taste. Its taste has some notes of almonds and hazelnuts feels to it. It increases the deliciousness of the food it is put in. It increases the notes of sourness and spiciness of the food. Whether eaten raw or cooked it will give its full taste.


Niçoise olive is the best option to go for that will be delicious as well as healthy. Start using it and you will also see health benefits after some time. They come packed and enriched with the best nutrition. Its colour ranges from dark purple to black. You can use it almost everywhere. So, go grab your jar today at the local grocery store or at


Q: are niçoise olives healthy

Ans: yes, niçoise olives are very healthy containing antioxidants and vitamins. It is a type of olive oil so it possesses the attributes and health benefits it. You can use it in your daily diet and you will start noticing positive changes.

Q: Which is a good replacement for niçoise olive

Ans: if you are unable to find niçoise olive a good substitute is the kalamata olives that are also dark-coloured and have similar qualities. They are both rich in vitamins and good for health.

Q: is it okay to keep the niçoise oil outside the refrigerator

Ans: no, a niçoise oil is not meant to be kept outside. It is best at room temperature. So, to keep it safe and last long it is advisable to keep it in a refrigerator for extended use.

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