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Types of Olive Trees

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Olives Have played an essential part in human lives. Olives are being used for thousands of years in our daily life in food mainly, because of its positive impact on health. That is why Humans have been growing olive trees since ancient times. When olives are crushed, we get olive oil. Now olive oil is used for many purposes from diet to medicine to cosmetics etc. Not only for health olive oil is also beneficial for hair and skin also. So, with that many Advantage you wouldn’t be surprised to know the vast types of olive trees.

There is vast variety of olive trees because of different temperature and weather all around the world. If you go to your local grocery store, you will see different jars with different coloured olives and also with different names. It all depends on the cultivation area, the climate, and how they were harvested.

I know the question on your mind right now is how long can an olive tree live, according to a study the average lifespan of an olive tree is 500 years. Another interesting fact before starting the article itself is what region produces approximately 95% of the world’s olives and dominates the production? And the answer is the Mediterranean region.

In this article you will be able to know and learn about different and most popular types of olive trees to help you choose the best olives and also tell how are olives harvested all around the globe.

1. Mission:

Mission olive trees is one of the most popular olive trees because of it growing in the USA. Although its origin is said to be Spain since 1700 it has been growing in California. Mission trees can reach a height of 35-40 ft. They are harvested in the later part of October to November. It needs good sun exposure. Since Spanish missions, it has been used to make olive oil. Green or sometimes purple is the colour of the olives it gives.

2. Amfissa:

Amfissa is grown and harvested in Greece. Its olive is Brown in colour. It can produce fruit in three to four years. Amfissa tree can reach a height of 20-30 ft. It has a very fruity flavour. It is used in soups and other things in its native place. It is one of the most popularly used olives all around the world.

3. Arbequina:

The native area of arbequina is Spain. It is mostly used in making high-quality olive oils because of its fruity and sweet taste. It can reach a height of 15-30 ft. It remains small when it is confined. So, when are they harvested and can produce fruit; It can produce fruit in two to four years. They are mostly low maintenance olive oil trees and it can also bear different types of soils.

4. Niçoise:

These black coloured olives are a native of the alps-maritime region of France. It tastes herbal and has a very strong taste. It can reach a height of 25-30 ft. It can produce olives in two to three years. Its branches are bigger than other olive trees. It also gives the smell of herbals. It is best in hot and dry places. It is mostly grown in the black olive east nursery.

5. Hojiblanca:

Hojiblanca is harvested in Spain and is a winter tolerant olive tree. It is used in the production of olive oil as well as black table oil. It has red-violet colour. Its oil is very good for health and can treat many diseases. Its oil should be stored in a dark place and is also known as black olive tree indoor. Hojiblanca is valued for its taste. It has 265000 hectares of wild groves of olive oil.

6. Kalamata:

These almond-shaped olives are also grown in Greece. They are known as the king of table oils. It is also used in wines. It is best grown in winter and cold places as it does not do good in hot places. It can reach a height of 20-25 ft. It is also served simply with salads. It has a dark purple colour. There are very low calories in kalamata olives. Elia is a Greek word for olives and Elia kalamata is popularly used there.

7. Manzanilla:

Manzanilla olives are a native tree of Spain and is one of the most popular olive trees of the country. Manzanilla is a Spanish word that means little apple. It can reach a height of 20-30 feet's. It is not best suited for winter season. They are largely consumed in the US. They are green in colour. Nearly natural olive trees of manzanilla are grown in geographical areas of the world.

8. Nyon:

Nyon are the French black olives that are available all year long. They are dried at first when grown. They give a very good rosemary scent. They are one of the most popular trees in France. They are stored in brine to keep them last longer. They are used mostly used simply in salad and sometimes also on top of a pizza. Its taste is also a bit bitter.

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