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Olive oil for leather boots

Boots are a winter essential. We love to spend all our winters in that one pair of leather boots that we love. Boots keep your feet warm and protected. Not to mention it can also make you look more stylish if you get the right one. But halfway through the winter, the old leather boots would want to be conditioned. So, what better way than to use olive oil for leather boots.

Olive oil for any kind of leather has been tested and it is very effective. This leather oil for boots will condition the boots and will also keep them very soft. Olive oil for leather boots is an easy and quick hack that doesn’t require any kind of special product or spending too much. So, it can be wrong to say that it is a life savor. Olive oil will waterproof the boots for future safety too.

In this article, we will talk about how is olive oil good for leather and how to apply it to your leather boots. So, let’s get right into it.

How is olive oil good for leather:

In short, yes olive oil is a good conditioner for any kind of old leather. It will make it look new and soft. It is a leather boot conditioner. Olive oil leather conditioner is a very good option but on the other hand, it can also worsen the condition of the boots in the long run. It can penetrate the leather and soak the leather. So, to use it safely it should be applied properly. It is advisable to keep the precautions in mind and do it well.

Benefits of olive oil for leather boots:

  • By waterproofing the leather boots through olive oil, it will protect your feet from the blister which can be caused by water on feet

  • Olive oil will help the leather boots to keep their original shape for a very long time

  • This leather oil for shoes will condition and shine your leather boots to make them look like a fresh and new pair

  • Olive oil will enhance the life of the boots by making them waterproof

  • Olive oil is a very effective and cheap remedy that is available at every home. It is a homemade leather conditioner as well as a DIY leather conditioner.

How to apply olive oil to the leather boots:

Now that you know the pros and cons, if you still want to apply olive oil to the leather boots to condition them and waterproof them there’s a proper and safe way to do it. Let's go through the steps on how to condition leather boots to make things easier for you:

  • The very first step of this leather conditioner for boots is to clean your boots very nicely. Keep in mind that it should be completely dust-free. If this process is ignored you will not get the results you are looking for.

  • Take a cloth or you can also use your fingers. Put a little bit of olive oil on it.

  • Now apply the olive oil to the damaged part of your boots and if you want to waterproof it apply it throughout the boots

  • After applying this leather shoe softener, leave the boots to dry for 45 to 60 minutes.

  • After it has dried, take a piece of cloth and rub it on your boots to remove any kind of excess oil on it.

So, this is the process to restore leather boots to get the most effective results. Another very popular question is that how often it should be done to get the best results. So, the answer is every month. The leather boots will require to be cleaned after every month but don’t overdo it.

By keeping all these things in mind, we hope you will get the results of new boots. So, best of luck to you.

Things that can damage the leather by olive oil:

As mentioned above, olive oil can damage and deteriorate the leather in long run. Here are the things that cause the damage:

  • If the excess olive oil on the leather boots is not removed it will penetrate the leather and can damage it.

  • Wipe any kind of dirt on it, if it doesn’t properly it will become more visible and even hard remove after that.

  • You should also keep in mind the smell of olive oil. If used in large quantity it can leave odor

  • The olive oil can also leave marks and stains on the leather very easily. So, make sure to wipe off any kind of excess leather

  • Insects all get attracted to the smell of olive oil which is also a very serious drawback.

Keep all these things in mind before taking the big step. You can also look at our article related to this how to repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil.


Q: How to darken leather?

Ans: Olive oil can also help in darkening the leather due to its moisturizing ability. It will make it shine and appear darker than real. It is the best leather conditioner for shoes and a homemade leather conditioner alternatives.

Q: How to use mink oil?

Ans: Mink oil is another top-quality oil to nourish and moisturize your leather. It can be used as same as olive oil. There’s no difference in the process of both these leather boot oil.

Q: How to soften leather boots?

Ans: leather boots can easily be softened by using olive oil. As compared to other oils, olive oil has a better ability to soften the leather. So, by applying it properly we assure you will get a soft leather boot.

Q: How to rehydrate leather?

Ans: Rehydrating the leather is a very important factor that will make your leather product looks new and fresh. So, to rehydrate the leather we highly recommend olive oil as it is the best oil for leather.

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