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Is olive oil better than vegetable oil

The comparison has been going on for over a decade. You must have seen articles on Olive oil vs vegetable oil, which one is better, is olive oil better than vegetable oil. These both are plant oils that are used around the globe due to their health benefits. They both are the options that come to mind when talking about healthy oils.

Olive oil as the name says is made from olives and vegetable oil is made from different plants like sunflower, corn, soya bean, etc. Olive oil is more popular because of the Mediterranean diet. Whereas, vegetable oil is also not less than that. In this article, we will talk about the difference between them and the taste, nutritional facts, and benefits of each. And how is olive oil better than vegetable oil.

All the important information is gathered by very deep research. Keep reading to get all the answers to your questions.

Vegetable oil vs olive oil:

Olive oil:

Olive oil is a type of oil that is extracted from olives. The fruit olives are found mostly in the Mediterranean area which is why the olive oil in food is known as the Mediterranean diet. It is used in all types of foods. The olive oil has a very fruity flavor with a bitter toast. It is used in cooking as well as in salads and toppings.

Vegetable oil:

Vegetable oil is not a single oil, it is a mixture of sunflower, canola, grapeseed, etc. Uses of vegetable oil are to add a flavor of richness in the food and to add in baking. However, it should only be cooked at high heat to serve its purpose. It has a very plain and unique flavor to it.

Olive oil

Vegetable oil


Pressed olives

​Blend of fats from multiple plant sources, like sunflower, corn, canola, soy, and safflower

Main uses

​Salad dressing, sautéing, to dip bread

​Baking, frying

Vitamin and mineral content

​Vitamins K and E, found in higher amounts in extra virgin varieties

​Depends on the oil blend, but usually retains minimal trace nutrients after processing

High in antioxidants



Highly processed

​No (the least processed form is extra virgin)


Smoke point

​390°F (200°C)

​400°F (205°C)

So, vegetable oil vs olive, the winner is the olive oil. In short, olive oil is the best oil and is more useful than vegetable oil. It can be used as all-purpose cooking oil too. Whereas the vegetable oil can't be used as an all-purpose cooking oil and should be used in moderation, and frying with vegetable oil should be done at high heat.

Is olive oil better than vegetable oil:

Yes, olive oil is better than vegetable oil. Olive oil has better nutritional facts and is healthier for you. Here are some facts as to why olive oil is better than vegetable oil:

  • The olive oil contains more quantity of monosaturated fats. These monosaturated fats are a cure for many diseases like inflammation, heart disease, etc. The monosaturated fats it includes are oleic acid, palmitic acid, etc.

  • Olive oil is also a rich antioxidant. It contains polyphenols which is a very beneficial nutrient to human health.

  • Due to a lot of processing to neutralize its flavor, vegetable oil loses a lot of its healthy nutrients. Whereas, it is not the case with olive oil. Olive oil is very least processed and rich in healthy nutrients.

  • Olive oil also contains a very good amount of Vitamin E and K. which is also very beneficial to the human body and health.

So clearly olive oil is the overall winner and is the answer to is olive oil is better than vegetable oil.

Is vegetable oil a good substitute for olive oil:

Another very popular question everywhere is that can you use olive oil instead of vegetable oil or can you replace vegetable oil with olive oil. Here’s the answer

Yes, vegetable oil can still be used in place of olive oil if you are in the middle of a cooking session and runs out of olive oil. Vegetable oil despite its processing still has many important nutrients such as omega-6 fatty acids. So, using vegetable oil isn't as beneficial as olive oil but is still a very decent option and can substitute vegetable oil for olive oil.

Similarities between olive oil and vegetable oil:

At the end of the day, both are cooking oil that has some similarities between them. There are a lot of benefits of them that are the same. One of the most common similarities between the two is the same smoke point. Olive oil has a 390°F whereas vegetable oil flashpoint is 400°F. Olive oil and vegetable oil calories are also almost the same.

And if you ask, can I substitute olive oil for vegetable oil, so yes. In cooking or baking both the oils can be used as a substitute for each other. So, they are different but, in the end, there are some similarities between the two. So, olive oil or vegetable oil choose them carefully.


Q: Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil?

Ans: Can you replace vegetable oil with olive oil or vice versa is a very common question. So, Yes you can substitute olive oil for vegetable oil. Because in baking both the oils can possess similarities which is the reason that they can be used. So, oil of olive fruit or vegetable oil can be used as a replacement for each other.

Q: Is olive oil the same as vegetable oil?

Ans: no, olive oil is not the same as vegetable oil and both of them have different nutrients as well as purposes. They have some similarities but still, we can't say they are the same

Q: Should you cook with olive oil?

Ans: olive oil is one of the most beneficial and popularly used types of cooking oil also. Due to its health benefits, it is gaining popularity more and more. So yes, cooking with olive oil is very beneficial.

Q: what’s the difference between vegetable oil and canola oil?

Ans: the main difference between the two is that the canola oil has more monosaturated and saturated fats as compared to the vegetable oil. But canola oil is a sub for vegetable oil and is one of the vegetable oil alternatives.

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