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How to repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Keeping a cat at home can be very joyful for the owner. As it will bring unconditional love and companionship to your life. But same as other animals, there are some unique habits that cats do. Scratching is one of those habits that a cat will do whether it's your body or your furniture more specifically your newly bought leather sofa because cats and leather couches are best friends in that case and there's pretty much nothing that you can do to stop it. But what you can do is fix that cat scratches on leather with the help of olive oil. I know you are hereafter spending hours on the internet searching for how to stop cats from scratching leather furniture. Now the question on your mind right now is how to repair cat scratches on leather with olive oil.

One of the easiest and most common ways to do it is undoubted with olive oil because we all have a bottle of olive oil in our home. Your leather furniture can easily soak the olive oil and cover the scratches of your cat resulting in the deteriorating of the sofa. Olive oil on leather is the most effective oil compared to coconut oil on leather or other options. Whether your problem is how to repair scratched leather shoes or how to fix cat claw holes in leather, we have got you covered.

I know you're very curious right now because scratches on leather furniture can be a serious mood-turner. So, without further to do let's get into how to repair scratches on the leather couch or other leather products.

The thing to know before repairing:

1. Know the type of damage:

If the damage or scratches on the leather is very mint and light You don’t need to worry it can easily be removed with a little bit of olive oil. But if the damage is very much or you can see the skin under the leather then the leather is ripped not scratched in that case you cannot fix it with the help of olive oil.

2. Know the type of leather:

Before starting the actual process one of the most important things is to identify the type of leather. Because there's are a variety of kinds of leather furniture and each one of them reacts differently. After knowing the type of leather, you should check the safety manuals or look up more important information regarding that leather.

How to repair cat scratches on leather furniture:

  • The first step is to put the olive oil where the scratch is and then rubbing the scratch with a cotton bud or Q-tip. Keep rubbing the area as well as surrounding areas of the scratch.

  • After doing that leave it on for an hour or two.

  • Come back and wipe it with a clean towel or cloth.

  • f the scratches are not gone or improved repeat the above process once or a couple of times and let it rest for a day

  • If it is still there then they are some more prominent and serious scratches and you should consult a professional leather repairer.

  • If it can't repair it then you should stop applying more oil into the leather as it can harm the leather more and spread into the surface of the leather. It will develop ghastly oil areas into the leather and then it will not be easily fixed.

Ways to prevent cats from scratching the leather:

  • Another most popularly asked question is how to keep cats off leather furniture. So, we have these answers for you as well.

  • Cover the leather with a cloth or other things.

  • Get your cat a scratching board to protect the leather couch from cats.

  • You can also use a precautionary measure and apply a cat deterrent spray on your leather products to protect leather couches from cats.

Scratching is a behavior every cat does intuitionally. But we understand it can get a bit disturbing when it ruins your leather furniture or any other product. After reading this article we hope you will be able to get rid of those marks and also protect your leather goods in the future.

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