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Garlic and olive oil for hearing loss

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Hearing loss can be a very serious and complicated problem. This human problem requires a lot of medical procedures and treatment. But what if we tell you that you can cure it for free by sitting at your home. A hearing loss home cure sounds too good to be true but it is a thing. One of the most effective of them is garlic and olive oil for hearing loss. Yes, you heard it right but combining both of them you can cure that hearing loss.

Both of these products' garlic and olive oil have very good properties and can do wonders. The antibacterial property of garlic and olive oil for the ear makes it very effective and garlic drops are said to improve the hearing issue very nicely because it increasing the blood flow. But there are a lot of reasons for your hearing problem and this hearing loss treatment natural remedy can't be a cure for every one of them.

In this article, we will talk about how to fix hearing loss doing this remedy and what are the things to keep in mind to be safe also. So, let’s get started without wasting any time.

Reasons for hearing loss:

There are numerous reasons for a person suffering from hair loss. So, to cure this, it's better to know it before.

  • Blockage of auricle due to build-up of wax which can make the sound waves reach in the auricle difficult.

  • Exposure to very loud sound can result in damaging the ears and it can also be a long-term problem

  • The natural hearing loss due to the aging factor can also make degeneration of inner ear structures

  • Head trauma is also one of the factors that can result in hearing loss.

These are some of the reasons for hearing loss in a person. However, some of them are quite serious and require some medical treatments for hearing loss but some of them can be treated very easily.

Garlic and olive oil for hearing loss:

Garlic clove in-ear and olive oil can seriously reverse the hearing loss problem and is said to be the best sudden hearing loss treatment natural. And this cure for hearing loss is among the top home remedies for hearing and is also very simple and cheap to do. So why don’t try it, in case this essential oil for hearing loss does works. To effectively try this garlic oil for hearing loss home remedy, follow the following procedure.


  • Cut some pieces of fresh garlic and put them in a pan

  • After that take some olive oil and put it with the cloves of garlic too

  • Heat both the products at very medium heat and keep in mind don’t burn it.

  • After mixing it, let the oil cool down for a bit because you don’t want to put the hot oil

  • When the oil is a bit cool down, then put the oil in a dropper.

Using garlic and olive oil for hearing loss:

  • The first step of doing this treatment is to lie down with the infected ear on the top

  • Then put the drops of garlic and olive oil on it carefully

  • After putting garlic in-ear with the olive oil get a tissue and put it on top of the ear to avoid its leakage

  • Then keep laying down like that for 10 to 12 minutes to avoid any type of spilling.

  • When you feel sure that no oil is outside the ears, you can stand up

So, by following this simple but effective treatment we hope you will be able to cure the hearing loss you are suffering from.

Things to keep in mind for garlic and olive oil for hearing loss:

  • Excessive use of garlic and olive oil can also cause some problems too.

  • Too much garlic use can cause skin irritation in a person too.

  • Make sure to consult with a doctor also for safe usage of this

  • It can work for some conditions of hearing loss but not all

  • If not suited it can make the hearing loss more severe

  • Look for fresher cloves of garlic rather than using old ones

So now you know all the important factors to keep in mind before trying these home remedies for hearing loss, now we hope you will be safe doing this treatment and get the best results.


Q: How to restore hearing loss naturally?

Ans: Hearing loss can get restores naturally by using garlic and olive oil it. Both of these products are said to be very beneficial for reversing hearing loss and are one of the best natural remedies for hearing loss.

Q: Is there a cure for deafness?

Ans: There has been no proven cure for deafness. There are some solutions for hearing loss and it can be cured but proper deafness is very hard to overcome.

Q: What are the vitamins for hearing improvement?

Ans: Vitamin A, E, and C can prove to be very beneficial for making hearing improvement. Take some magnesium too with it. For a natural diet, eat almonds and carrots to improve hearing ability

Q: How to improve hearing loss?

Ans: Hearing loss can be improved by a number of surgeries or sometimes oils too. To cure hearing loss naturally or even by treatment It is recommended to consult with a doctor before doing anything. One of the best essential oil for hearing loss to try is garlic with olive oil.

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