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Does olive oil go bad

Does olive oil go bad? This question comes to your mind whenever you see that old bottle sitting in the cabinet half empty. It is also not common to write the expiration date on the bottle of olive oil. So, this leaves you curious as well as suspicious. Sometimes you keep thinking when did I buy that bottle and can I still use it. To answer all these questions, we have written all the important facts about it.

Unlike other natural things, olive oil doesn’t get finer with age. So, the simple answer is Yes, the olive oil can go bad and there's a time to stop using it. Olive oil however has a pretty long life in which it is very good for use. They develop a certain smell or acrid which can tell that it's no longer fit to use.

So, peruse, to know does olive oil go bad, what is the age of olive oil and how to tell it has come to an end.

Life of olive oil:

The average life of olive oil is from 18 to 24 months. Which is a very decent amount of time to finish it. Extra virgin olive oil which is made more purely has a life bit less than 12-18 months. After that, it will start losing its taste and smell. It will be recognized due to these things.

However, some researchers state that it is still ok to use the olive oil after its expiration date and it will not cause any harm. But of course, it will lose some of its good properties other than the smell and the taste.

Some bottles have a label of the expiration date on them. But not all of them have it, so it is advisable to put one yourself after buying it. Because the date starts after opening it.

So, there’s the simple answer of “Does the olive oil go bad?''

How to resist the olive oil going bad:

Olive oil should be kept away from heat and light. That is why if you have read our articles on how to make olive oil extract you would have known the most important factor after making it, is to store it in a dark and cool place.

So, it is advisable to keep the packaged olives or fresh olive oil in a tight bottle and in a cool place away from any kind of light to increase its life. 60F to 70F is a very nice temperature to keep it on. Whereas, a cabinet is the best place for preserving olives.

If you buy it and it comes in a plastic bottle, transfer it to a dark olive container. It will also promote oxidation which can speed the breakdown of fat molecules.

We know what you are thinking now. Why not the fridge? And how long do olives last in the fridge. It is both cool and dark. Avoid storing the olive oil in the fridge as it will make the olive oil very hard and not easy to use afterward. And it will also not last as long as kept in a better place.

So, in short, the perfect place to store the olive oil is in a cabinet in a dark bottle too.

Ways to tell the olive oil has gone bad:

There are several ways to tell that the olive oil has gone bad that are easy as well as effective.

  • Sniff:

Sniffing is the simplest way to tell if the olive oil is still fresh or not. When it is fresh it will have a very good grassy type smell to it. However, it varies from olive to olive. it is advised to check it when it is good to get an idea. It may have a floral, spicy, or grassy smell to it

  • Tasting:

Bad olive oil will have a very plain and musty smell to it which will not be as good as a fresh one. A regular olive oil user can easily identify it by consuming only 1 tbsp of olive oil and can tell if it is still ok to use or not.

  • Watching:

Watching is another way to tell it but it isn't as effective as others. Olive oil will also change its color to darker when it gets expired. It may not be the best way to identify it but it is still a very effective way. The white spots on olives also is an indicator.

Can expired olive oil be used:

It entirely depends on the olive oil. Because the olive oil is smelling or tastes very bad it will also turn your food very bad. However, it won't make you sick or hurt you other than that. The only bad thing to consider is the taste and smell of it. The olive oil will also not be as beneficial as it was.


Q: does olive oil go bad

Ans: yes, olive oil has a certain life after which it goes bad and should be thrown away. So keep an eye on that

Q: what do olives taste like

Ans: olives taste differently from olives to olives. Some taste very bitter as other taste salty. It entirely depends on whether it is ripe or unripe.

Q: Do olives need to be refrigerated

Ans: no, refrigerating the olives is not the best way to store them. Because it can over cool the olives and turn it very hard. Which can also be not very easy to use

Q: Are canned olives good for you

Ans: fresh olives are a better option as compared to canned olives. So, the simple answer is no but some best jarred olives are not as beneficial but are an ok option.

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