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Can I use olive oil instead of canola oil

Olive oil and canola are dominating the healthy oil industry for a very long time. Both because of their benefits and healthy nutrients are among the top cooking oils. but have you ever wondered which one is better and can be used instead of the other? As olive oil is a bit healthier option, you should use that more. But both have their importance. However, in this article, we will answer your question of can I use olive oil instead of canola oil.

Vegetable oil and canola oil have been very popular substitutes for olive oil but the question is can olive oil act as a substitute. If you are in the middle of a cooking session and you ran out of canola oil you must be thinking, can I use olive oil instead of canola oil. Olive oil's primary purpose aside from healthy options is to add flavor to the recipe whereas canola oil is used for baking or frying.

We have done our homework to give you all the answers. So, without any further discussion and wasting any time, let’s now get straight to the point.

canola oil vs olive oil:

Olive oil is a type of oil that is extracted from olives. The fruit olives are found mostly in the Mediterranean area which is why the olive oil in food is known as the Mediterranean diet. It is used in all types of foods. The olive oil has a very fruity flavor with a bitter toast. It is used in cooking as well as in salads and toppings. It is one of the most popular options due to its health benefits as well as its unique taste.

Whereas the canola oil is made from rapeseed. Which is also a very healthy product. The rapeseed is heated, pressing, and refining to make canola oil. But just like extra virgin olive oil, the cold-pressed canola oil option is also available in the market. Oil is also bleached to give it a very stable taste and color.

Similarities between olive oil and canola oil:

Made from different substances and also having different properties, but there are some similarities between the two. Let's go through them:

  • Both of them have equal 14g fat in them

  • The vitamin E is also very similar with 13 RDI in olive oil and 15 RDI in canola oil

  • The olive oil and canola oil have similar 124 calories in both of them

  • The ratio of vitamin K is also very close with 7 and 8% in both canola and olive oil

  • Just like the extra virgin olive oil, canola oil also has a cold-pressed version of it

These are the similarities between both canola oil and olive oil. But there is a noticeable difference between monosaturated and saturated fat in both of them with olive oil having more of it. If you look at the overall statistics the similarities are less than the differences. Which makes them not alike but different.

Which one is better:

If you want an overall winner between canola vs olive oil then olive oil is a better oil with more uses than canola oil as well as a greater number of healthy nutrients in them. So, olive oil is a clear winner. Olive oil is used in cooking, baking, dressing, and many more properties. Whereas, canola oil can be used in cooking and baking but can't be used for dressing purposes.

The smell and taste of the olive oil are also better whereas canola oil doesn’t have a very strong flavor or scent. Olive oil has a low smoking point whereas canola oil has a high smoking point.

Can olive oil be used in place of canola oil:

We all know canola oil is a very healthy alternative to olive oil but your question of can I use olive oil instead of canola oil arises. So, if we look at the smoking point difference, using olive oil in place of canola oil will not be suitable. Also keeping in mind, the strong taste and smell of olive oil, it won't serve the purpose of neutral flavor and scented canola oil. So, the simple answer is No. Olive oil isn't a very good substitute for canola oil.

Other substitutes for canola oil:

Other oils can be used in place of canola oil and can serve the same purpose by being the canola oil substitute.

  • Sunflower oil: sunflower oil can be used in place of canola oil because of a lot of similarities between them.

  • Vegetable oil: vegetable oil is the most popular and best oil substitute in the baking of canola oil that you can find. Canola oil vegetable oil both have similar qualities. can you use vegetable oil instead of canola oil? so, Yes.

  • Grapeseed oil: just like canola oil this oil also has a neutral flavor and can perform as a canola oil substitute for baking and frying.


Q: Can I use canola oil instead of vegetable oil?

Ans: Yes, canola oil can be used as a substitute for vegetable oil due to a lot of similarities like high smoking points and neutral flavor. Both of them can be a perfect substitute for each other. The difference between canola and vegetable oil is not much.

Q: what is canola oil?

Ans: Canola oil is the oil that is made from rapeseed oil and is used for baking and frying with a neutral flavor with the canola oil smoking point being high. It is made from a lot of processing that makes the extraction of oil. The processing involves synthetic chemicals.

Q: Can we differentiate canola oil vs vegetable oil?

Ans:In vegetable oil vs canola oil it is very hard to choose between the two because of similarities but the difference is the saturated fat ratio. With canola oil having less than vegetable oil

Q: Is canola oil healthy?

Ans: Yes, canola oil is a very healthy cooking oil with a very low ratio of saturated fat and more monounsaturated fat. So, it is a very good option for cooking and baking. And if canola oil bad for you and doesn’t suit your requirement then look for substitutes.

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