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Benefits of drinking olive oil in the morning

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

You don’t have to be a diet-conscious person or a health freak to know about the benefits of eating olive oil. Olive oil is very popularly known for its health benefits. It is one of those things that the body absorbs quickly. The best time to drink olive oil is in the morning. The benefits of drinking olive oil in the morning are more than you can imagine. It is one of the best healthy fats out in the market. It is so beneficial in fighting against diseases. This article will fall short if every benefit of olive oil is to be mentioned.

So, keeping it short. Taking olive oil first thing in the morning on an empty stomach will absorb all the healthy nutrients to the body faster and more beneficially. It will give you a recognizable change in your body in several days.

This article will cover all the benefits of drinking olive oil in the morning in a very detailed way. So, without further to do let's get right into it.

Benefits of drinking olive oil in the morning:

1. Healthier skin and hairs:

Your hairs and your skin are one of the most important parts of your appearance. Damaged skin or hair can also affect your appearance. To help to fight that and not let it happen, the simplest solution is drinking olive oil in the morning. The benefits of eating olives for better skin have been very common for decades. Olive oil is full of vitamins that are essential for good hair and skin such as: vitamin E and vitamin K. These vitamins also slow the aging of the skin. So, a quick sip of olive oil in the morning or olive oil in smoothies before cardio will be very beneficial for your skin and hair.

2. Fight Inflammation:

Olive oil is very popular for fighting inflammation. There are several compounds in olive oil that have anti-inflammatory properties such as oleocanthal and polyphenols are one of them. Olive oil will eliminate bad cholesterol and produce good cholesterol. A lot of health and stomach issues are due to inflammation so taking a shot of olive oil before drinking anything in the morning will help fight it.

3. Balancing blood sugar:

Olive oil plays a key role in keeping blood sugar levels low. There is some researches you can find in which a person eating a meal containing olive oil will have low-level blood sugar. If we take and experiment with olive oil vs fish oil then you will know that the person consuming olive oil will have balanced blood sugar. It will balance your blood sugar level easily. This means by drinking olive oil first thing in the morning you will balance your blood sugar level more rapidly.

4. Good digestion:

Olive oil is very well known for keeping the digestive system good and running and it will also reduce gastric acid in the stomach. The food you eat will be easily absorbed without any acidity or gastric acid. It will also boost intestinal transit. Improper or bad absorption can unease a person and is a very serious problem. So, this is easily fightable by consuming olive oil and lemon juice in the morning.

5. Helps in weight loss:

Weight loss is a very serious issue among many people and it can affect their feelings and confidence. Olive oil is known to be a very good fat and can also help in weight loss. Oleic acid in olive oil will give a feeling of a full stomach thus resulting in less eating. It will lessen your calories intake throughout the day by giving you a sense of full stomach and you won't require grabbing a bite every hour or so, because it has 1900 calories in a cup of olive oil. 3 spoons of olive oil can save your life and make you slimmer.

6. Prevent the appearance of cancer:

Olive oil can prevent the appearance of cancer in the body by reducing colon cancer. Olive oil will reduce colon cancer because it is full of antioxidants. Vitamin E of olive oil will fight this type of disease and will eliminate free radicals in the body. Due to the high availability of hydro cholesterol, it will prevent the appearance of cancer in the body. So, doing a simple act of drinking extra virgin olive oil in the morning will keep you away from a serious disease like cancer. So, without a debate or explanation, it is worth a try.

7. Better functioning of gallbladder:

Olive oil will play a key role in the better functioning of the gallbladder. A good gallbladder will result in the reduction of the gallstones and it will also reduce all the stones that are already formed in the body. The production of pancreatic juice will increase by consuming olive oil which in return will help to improve the functioning of the gallbladder. So, add some olive oil to the water and drink it.

So, now you know all the benefits and information regarding the consumption of olive oil in the morning. But I know the question on your mind right now is how much olive oil is too much and how to drink olive oil? Start with a single tablespoon at first but increase it with time. Also, you can simply drink the tbsp or put it in the water. It will be enough to provide you with the benefits mentioned above and reach the health goals you're looking for.

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