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Organic Early Harvest, High phenolic, extra virgin olive oil 250ml

Organic Early Harvest, High phenolic, extra virgin olive oil 250ml

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10% of the total purchase price of this product is donated to Breast Cancer UK


For passionate cooks, the only olive oil worth using is extra virgin olive oil. An exclusive product used to season the tastiest entrées and freshest vegetables, this exquisite Organic olive oil high in polyphenols is an everyday luxury. Our Organic Early Harvest High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Spain, where the land is blessed with abundant sunshine and mineral-rich soil.


Our early harvest organic extra virgin olive oil, with its one of a kind flavour and texture, is truly a gift from nature. The delicate taste of premium organic olive oil is a delightful touch to any meal. But the health benefits of consuming high phenolic olive oil go beyond a simple flavour boost. That’s because it is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods available.


The phenolic compounds found in unfiltered olive oil help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and help to maintain a healthy body weight. Moreover, it is considered as one of the best sources of balanced nutrition.


Our mission is to craft the most authentic extra virgin olive oil that pleasantly awakens your senses. We meticulously produce all of our oils through traditional methods, guaranteeing they are pure and free of any additives or preservatives.


Extra Virgin olive oil is regarded as the original ‘superfood’ choosing a high-quality extra virgin olive oil with low acidity levels (Our Organic Early Harvest 0.1-0.2%) is essential for people to reap the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. When purchasing extra virgin olive oil always check the label for acidity as this is a quick and simple way to check the quality of the oil.


When it comes to the benefits of high phenolic olive oil, there are numerous. Talking from a health perspective, unfiltered olive oil is rich in anti-inflammatory antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and zero dietary cholesterol.
Filtering the oil removes the suspended solids, resulting in a clearer appearance. But it might also remove some healthy phenolic compounds and actually decrease the shelf life of the oil, depending on the type of filter used.

These phenolic compounds are perfect for preventing various heart diseases, maintaining a healthy body weight and providing balanced nutrition for the human body. From the oil stability perspective, various phenolic compounds can contribute to the oil stability in unfiltered oils.
Lots of chefs find that unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is richer in taste, aroma and pure fruit flavour.


Early harvest olive oil is richer in minerals, antioxidants, aroma and flavour. It is definitely economical to invest in something that has enormous health benefits. Andalucian Olive Company only sells the highest quality olive oils, that are harvested and bottled in Spain and DO NOT MAKE BLENDED OLIVE OILS WITH OLIVES FROM DIFFERENT COUNTRIES.


Choosing the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

That’s, easy right? But here’s the thing: Not all olive oils are created equal. It turns out that there’s a lot to know about selecting and buying the best oil. The good news is if you can’t taste it first, getting a quality oil really just comes down to being able to read and understand the label.

Always Read the Label

The first thing we look for would be country of origin, to qualify as extra virgin olive oil, the highest grade, the oil has to pass lab analysis and sensory tests set by the Madrid-based International Olive Council. However, there is still room for deception along the production chain, as olive oil extracted in one country is often shipped to another, usually Italy, and then blended with olive oils from yet other places before being bottled and shipped off again. We highly recommend when choosing a quality olive oil at a minimum make sure that the olive oil is coming from the same country, check the label as blended extra virgin olive oil could be blended with oils from many countries, this could mean buying the cheapest olives from anywhere in the world but selling the product as Italian blended olive oil because it was bottled there. All our olives come from our own farm and by working with a cooperative of local farmers.  If you want to buy a true Spanish olive oil from Spain, then the olives must be grown and pressed in Spain.


Always check the label for the acidity level of the olive oil you are purchasing, a low acidity level means there is the highest proportion of polyphenols which are the antioxidants in the olive oil that are so beneficial to people’s health. For olive oil to be classified as extra virgin olive oil, the acidity level must be less than 0.8%. In our extra virgin olive oil, the acidity is only 0.2 - 0.3%, guaranteeing a superior quality extra virgin olive oil with all the health benefits still in the oil. If a bottle of extra virgin olive oil does not have the acidity level printed on the nutritional information, I would be asking why?

Check the Date

Never purchase olive oil that is not showing the expiry date. The expiry date of extra virgin olive oil is approximately 18 months from the bottling date. However, if olive oil is stored well, a good Extra Virgin should maintain its freshness for up to 24 months from the production date. We would recommend when purchasing olive oil calculate what you would use over a 3-month period, so you are always getting the oil as fresh as possible. Our extra virgin olive oil has the expiry date stamped on the bottle at the time of bottling and also has the lot number and a bar code for traceability of the olive oil.


Breast Cancer UK has partnered with Andalucian Olive Company to produce a range of organic extra virgin olive oils.

10% from the sale of each Breast Cancer UK branded organic extra virgin olive oil’s, will be donated to Breast Cancer UK a registered charity.

Charity Number 1138866. Registered company No 7348408

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