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Premium Organic Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin  Olive Oil 250ml

Premium Organic Chilli Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

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10% of the total purchase price of this product is donated to Breast Cancer UK


Add a bit of luxury to your life with our spicy, chilli flavoured extra virgin olive oil. The perfect finishing touch to any dish. We’ve blended together our finest, freshest flavoured olive oil with the delicious taste of chilli for an experience you’ll never forget.


Experience the exquisite taste and creamy texture of our chilli infused extra virgin olive oil. With its sweet aroma, silky texture, and rich olive taste, our fine premium oil collection is an unmatched gift for anyone who appreciates luxury.


The flavour profile for this extra virgin olive oil is an enticing marriage of fruitiness and the heat of chilli. The mouthfeel is rich and silky. The usage spectrum is diverse. It complements both sweet and savoury dishes very well, making it perfect for everyday cooking.


Each bottle of olive oil is more than a gift, it is a piece of Andalucian heritage. Our oils have been carefully crafted and carefully selected to create the finest line of olive oils from Spain.


Breast Cancer UK has partnered with Andalucian Olive Company to produce a range of organic extra virgin olive oils.

10% from the sale of each Breast Cancer UK branded organic extra virgin olive oil’s, will be donated to Breast Cancer UK a registered charity.

Charity Number 1138866. Registered company No 7348408

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