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What is cold pressed olive oil

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

You can find tons of bottles everywhere with the label of cold-pressed olive oil on them. Cold pressed olive oil is one of the most beneficial and pure forms of olive oil. The way the oil is extracted says a lot about the quality. it can easily make an oil superior or inferior. After reading it everywhere the question on your mind is what is cold pressed olive oil. Say no more we have all the answers you are looking for.

The extra virgin and virgin olive oils which are famous all around the globe are cold pressed olive oil. So, what is cold pressed olive oil, how it is made and what's the difference between a normal and this one. Cold pressed olive oil is made without heating it and using any additional or artificial chemicals in it. This is the reason it is so pure. This olive oil holds the top nutrients.

So cold pressed olive oil is simply made without heat or chemicals. But read on to know more interesting facts and benefits of cold pressed olive oil. By the end of it you will know how to choose the olive oil that is the best.

How a cold pressed olive oil is made:

The cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is also known as first pressed olive oil or first cold-pressed and is the top rated olive oil. It also basically means that the oil is pressed only once. This makes them more nutrient-rich and high quality olive oil. They contain more oleic acid. To make this the oil is crushed and then forced is applied on it by a mechanical press to separate the oil from the pulp. It is the purest and natural form of making olive oil. The oil is not burned at a very high temperature. Heating it more will affect the quality of the oil. The extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed olive oil that is why they are more beneficial than any other olive oil. If it isn't cold pressed it can't be called extra virgin olive oil.

Nowadays olives are burnt at a very high temperature and chemicals are also added to them that make them not the best olive oil for cooking. They are also not crushed once but multiple times to get more quantity of oil from it. This affects the quality of the oil but is done to increase the quantity.

The cold pressed olive oil doesn’t affect the fragrance or taste of the olive oil in any way. It is all kept very pure and natural. This is the best type of oil to use for health benefits because it is the freshest olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil color is also kept natural.

Benefits of cold pressed olive oil:

Now you know that what is cold press oil and how better the cold pressed oil is than the rest. But what are the benefits of it? Let's go through that now.

  • Long Life:

Oleic acid is present at a very large amount in cold pressed olive oil. This fat helps keep the olive oil for a long time. It will prevent any type of unpleasant smell or taste of olive oil even if it is kept for a very long time.

  • More antioxidants:

The cold pressed oil contains more antioxidants than any other type of olive oil. These antioxidants will help your body fight a lot of diseases. Because of not heating the antioxidants remains active and well. This type of olive oil is filled with oleuropein as well as hydroxytyrosol.

  • Beneficial for blood sugar:

Olive oil for blood sugar is not a mystery anymore. Everyone knows how beneficial it is for controlling the blood sugar level. However, the oleuropein which is responsible of improved blood sugar is present more in cold pressed olive oil. So cold pressed is more beneficial for it.

  • Heart Diseases:

LDL and blood pressure is the main cause of heart diseases. There are around 17 million deaths due to this all around the globe. On the other hand, a study showed that using extra virgin olive oil can instantly reduce the chances of heart strokes by 28%. Both LDL and Blood pressure can be controlled by using olive oil in your diet.

  • Filled with top nutrients:

Cold pressed olive oil is filled with top nutrients. The ratio of nutrients is more as compared to other types of olive oil because of the purity. 1 tablespoon of olive oil contains 12.9% Vitamin E and 6.8% Vitamin K. it also contains an astonishing 13.5 grams of fat in it which a majority of 10 grams is monosaturated fat. These figures are way more than any other second pressed olive oil.

  • Good for fighting inflammation:

Oleocanthal is a very helpful substance in fighting inflammation. Inflammation can cause serious distress and unease to the human body. olive oil can be very helpful for fighting that. Keep in mind that extra virgin olive oil can be more helpful due to the presence of a high rate of fats, antioxidants, and vitamins.

  • Brain Health Benefits:

Again, oleocanthal can help in reducing brain plaques which will help in fighting diseases like Alzheimer's. The olive oil diet is very helpful for keeping the brain healthy. A study was conducted on the people following the MIND Diet which includes daily usage of olive oil resulted in better brain health.


Q: What is a good olive oil

Ans: good olive oil is made from chemical-free substances and is also very pure. It should also be rich in nutrients. Cold pressed olive oil is a very good option

Q: What does cold pressed mean

Ans: the cold press meaning is that the oil is pressed once and it is also not heated. It is crushed and without using chemicals. It is the best tasting olive oil as well as the fresh-pressed olive oil.

Q: What is the healthiest olive oil brand

Ans: there are tons of the healthiest olive oil brands out in the market. We recommend you to visit to get the best quality olive oils and also the best cheap olive oil.

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