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Olive oil for eyelash growth

Strong and thick eyebrows can make a very attractive change to your look. People spend so much money and time on grooming and making their eyelashes thicker. Some even use fake eyelashes but nothing beats the beauty of natural eyelashes. But you can achieve your goal of perfect eyelashes and take your lash game to the next level with olive oil. Yes, olive oil for eyelash growth is a real and effective remedy. And you also won't be spending more of your time and money. You can do this once a day and you are good to go. Unlike scalp hairs, the growth of eyebrow hairs is very slow. So, to make it grow more requires some effort.

Olive oil is the best oil for eyelash growth and also is the most reliable eyelash growth natural remedy. This article will cover all the important details you need to know about olive oil for lashes and how to make your eyelashes longer with olive oil. So, dive to know the details you are looking for.

Best olive oil for eyelash growth:

Extra virgin olive oil is said to be the best and most effective olive oil to make your eyelashes grow. A natural extra virgin olive oil free of chemicals will make all the difference in the world. You will be surprised to see the results of it after few weeks of usage.

Benefits of olive oil for eyelash growth:

· Olive oil protect the eyelash from damage by nourishing it.

· It will condition the eyelashes and stimulate its growth.

· Olive oil contains all the important attributes like fatty acids, vitamin e and other stuff to make it grow and look thicker.

· Olive oil will not only protect your eyelashes and make them healthy but will also stimulate hair growth.

· It also improves blood circulation which will promote hair growth.

· Olive oil can also be used as an eye makeup remover.

· It can also remove the darkness around your eyes.

How to use olive oil on eyelashes:

· At night, get mascara and olive oil. And then dip the mascara with olive oil.

· Olive oil is heavy. So, be careful and use a little bit.

· Apply the mascara to the eyelashes evenly from top to bottom.

· Leave the eyelashes on for the night.

· Gently rinse it off in the morning.

· Another simpler option is to use a cotton bud or your fingers

· Dip it with olive oil and then apply it on your eyelashes evenly.

· Repeat the process every night before going to bed.

The key point to keep in mind is to be very gentle with your eyelashes as they are very fragile. So don’t pick at them or scrub them. After doing this therapy on your eyelashes every night you will be able to see a visible result in two or three months. So, don’t lose hope and do it regularly.

More Oils for eyelash growth:

· Coconut oil:

We know you have seen thousands of articles written on does coconut oil helps your eyelashes grow. To answer that for you. Yes, coconut oil also contains fatty acids that help in the hair growth of eyelashes.

· Castor oil:

Castor oil also nourishes and conditions your eyelashes. It will boost its growth too because castor oil is rich in vitamin e, fatty acids, and ricinolein acids.

· Vitamin E oil:

Vitamin E controls the damage on your eyelashes which in return reduces the inflammation which results in less hair loss and damage to eyelashes. It is rich in substances which not only is good for eyelashes but eyebrows and eyes too.

· Biotin:

Biotin is that one thing that is a superstar vitamin in boosting hair growth and also conditioning it. Every doctor and nutritionist will advise you to take biotin in any type of hair loss therapy. Biotin deficiency is the main cause of hair loss and thinning.


Q: in how much time will there be a visible result

Ans: you will start to see results in few weeks. But a more visible result will appear in two or three months. So be patient and apply it regularly and check results of olive oil for eyelashes before and after.

Q: Is olive oil safe for eyelashes

Ans: Yes, olive oil is made of natural ingredients and is safe for your eyelashes. Not only eyelashes it can also be applied on eyebrows and around eyelids to nourish them.

Q: Is olive oil only useful for repairing eyelashes

Ans: No, not only it repairs your eyelashes it can also stimulate the hair growth of your eyelashes. It will enhance the size of your eyelashes within 1 or 2 months of use.

Q: What is the best olive oil to use

Ans: All-natural extra virgin olive oil is the best olive oil to use for your eyelashes.

Q: is it safe to leave it on overnight

Ans: yes, it is safe to leave it on overnight. We suggest you apply it before bed and leave it on overnight for better results.

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