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How to make olive leaf extract

Olive leaf extract can help you cure your diseases like cold, flu, heart health and can help in weight loss, good skin, herpes breakouts, etc by sitting at home. It is a homemade cure and the health benefits of olive leaves are uncountable. Olive leaf extracts benefit in boosting the immune system and are known as the tree of life. Mostly 80% of olive trees are in the Mediterranean region. So, if you live in a place where you have easy access to olive trees you can make this treasure easily at home. Now the question on your mind is how to make olive leaf extract to get maximum benefit.

In this article, we will talk about how to make olive leaf extract and also discuss in detail about benefits of olive leaf extract. The benefits of olive leaf are very well known all around the globe and are used in food and diet very commonly. However, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before using. So, without making you more curious and also to save you your time let's get into it.

How to make olive leaf extract:


· You need to have 1.5 cups of dry olives. Now you are thinking about where to buy olive leaves. You can easily buy them online or can have them for free if you have olive trees.

· 2 cups of glycerine

· A glass jar to keep the leaves

· A towel to cover it from sunlight

Now getting into the actual process:

· The very first step is to wash the olive leaves to get rid of the dust. And let It dry overnight

· The next day when the leaves are dry put them in a jar. Fill the jar 80% with the leaves

· After that put glycerine in the jar. The leaves should be soaked with glycerine.

· After that cover the jar with a towel and put it on a crockpot

· The next step is to fill the crockpot with water so that the jar is fully swamped in the water.

· Cover the jar with a towel when on the crockpot to not let it expose to sunlight

· Leave the jar in the crockpot for a couple of days. And if the water level goes down fill it

· After a couple of days, your olive leaf extract is ready

· Get the herbs out of the jar and put the liquid which is the olive leaf extract separately.

· Put the olive leaf extract liquid in a jar and store it in a hot place to keep it away from direct sunlight.

And the best olive leaf extract is ready to use. Use it every day for good and visible results. But excess of everything is bad. Olive leaf extract dosage should be a small amount in the beginning but increase it with time. A dose of 500 to 1000 mg is safe and good for you. It will keep you away from many diseases and will affect you positively in a natural way. Divide its dosage into 2 or 3 times.

Benefits of olive leaf extract:

· It boosts your immunity

· Olive leaf extract for cold and flu

· Helps in weight loss

· Very beneficial in treating diabetes

· Anti-HIV

· Reduces risk of cancer

· Olive leaf extract cures std

· It reduces herps breakout

· It prevents any cell damage

· Helps in blood pressure

· Olive leaf extract benefits skin

· Results in healthy thyroid function

There are uncountable benefits of olive leaf extract. It is a natural treasure for your health and body. Making it a part of your diet will prove to be very beneficial for your physical and internal health.

Side effects of olive leaf extract:

There are many advantages of olive leaf extract. But there are also using too many olive oil side effects. It can cause headaches and stomach pain in some cases. Some people are also allergic to it. So, before using olive leaf extract make sure of these things. If you also take some medications related to other diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc consult with your doctor before using olive leaf extract.

FAQ, s:

Q: how long does it take for olive leaf extract to work?

Ans: it is a very high reacting substance. Your inner body will be able to locate its benefits within 24 hours.

Q: Where to buy olive leaves

Ans: the most convenient and simple place to buy olive leaves is online.

Q: What is the source to get olive leaf extract naturally?

Ans: olive leaf from olive trees is the natural way of getting olive leaf extract.

Q: How effective is olive leaf extract in losing weight

Ans: one of the main things that olive leaf extract does is eliminates your hunger and make you feel full. Which results in less eating and losing weight in that process.

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