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Can High Phenolic Olive Oil Increase Your Life Expectancy?

When it comes to cooking, olive oil is essential. It makes for delicious bread, vibrant salads and tantalizing sauces. Good olive oil tastes strong, sweet and peppery. It has a distinct bitter aftertaste because of the polyphenols in it.

Polyphenols are Powerful Antioxidants

Polyphenols are essential micronutrients that are naturally found in plants. They’re also often included in many nutritional supplements, but they’re actually simple to obtain through your diet because they’re found in herbs, fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

Adding polyphenols to your diet boosts the amount of fibre you consume, which gives you a sense of fullness that can help you stay slim. They’ve been found to help lower cholesterol, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of other diseases.

In fact, it’s been shown that those who have a diet full of polyphenol-rich foods have a lower risk of chronic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. While consuming more than 650 milligrams per day of polyphenols won’t cure diseases, the studies provide strong evidence to support a firm relationship between certain foods and a longer, healthier life.

When it Comes to Polyphenols, Olives are King

Getting enough polyphenols in your diet is easy, as there are lots of healthy foods that contain these essential micronutrients. Olives are one of the top sources of polyphenols. One cup of sliced green or black olives has over 100 milligrams of polyphenols, which is about 20% of your daily value.

Oleocanthal and oleacein are unique to extra virgin olive oil. This power couple of polyphenols have been shown to have potent health-promoting properties. A recent study found that olive oil with high polyphenols can be really beneficial for your health.

The best olive oils are not only delicious, but they are good for your heart, easing inflammation and reducing blood pressure. But not all olive oils are equal.

Some olive oils contain more phenolic compounds than others because of many factors, including harvest time, harvesting methods, and bottling methods.

Consuming Polyphenols Is Easier than You Think

If you are making the choice to purchase high phenolic olive oil for its health benefits, then you should know this staple ingredient can also enhance your daily routine. You can achieve all the health benefits you want by simply taking a small amount every day.

If you can’t find high polyphenol olive oil, consider buying extra virgin olive oil to maximize the phenolic content of your diet. The beauty of olive oil is that it can be used for much more than just salads.

Olive oil is a staple in the Mediterranean diet, which has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke for those who consume it. The Mediterranean Diet has been recognized as one of the best diets in the world for general health.

Many medical experts recommend it is the best diet for controlling weight, reducing risks of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and staving off cognitive decline as we age.

The right olive oil can change your life. We believe the use of olive oil can give you a heightened sense of wellbeing and health. With so many ways to use this staple, you’ll be sure to get your fill.

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