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Andalucianolives Andalucian olive company

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The Andalucian Olive Company located in the Municipality of Almeria produces some of the finest quality olives in the whole of Spain. We have been associated with olive farming and the production of extra virgin olive oil for many years picking all our olives by hand, using no pesticides, and always with the ultimate respect for the environment.

The Andalucian Olive Company is a family run business with a deep passion for olives and their many health benefits, what started as a passion producing olive oil for family, friends, and neighbors is now a truly global business, selling our olive products including olive leaf, olive soap and of course our exceptionally high-quality extra virgin olive oil to many countries around the world.

Since the beginning our aim was always to create something organic and sustainable, by promoting the importance of sustainable agriculture, by protecting the environment we can make sure future generations will also be able to enjoy the benefits of nature that we do today.

Reason of Andalucianolives:

Andalucia's ultimate natural symbol is the olive. These fertile lands give birth to the olive which comes from the tree of the same name. Spain is undoubtedly the world leader when it comes to olive production. This country dedicates 2.4 million hectares of land to this valuable crop. Italy and Greece are the other two main producers of olives, with over 1.4 million hectares and more than 700,000 respectively. In Spain, there are more than 300 million olive trees.

So, by living in that area, it was a great business venture to provide the best online olives right at your doorstep. On our website the best quality of olives are available, not only raw olives but many products related to the olives are also available on our website. Not only you will be able to get some best quality fresh olives but also many important facts and benefits of olives on our website.

So, if you are an olive fan or a daily olive oil user, this website is heaven on earth for you and the best olive website on the entire internet.

Process of andalucianolives:

The production of cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil comes down to the correct and proper harvesting and gentle olive-to-oil process. Horse manure is used as a fertilizer. The traditional method consists of knocking olive trees with sticks, waiting for olives to fall off. The olives are then caught in a netting spread out under the trees and then picked again by hand to assure that only the best olives are picked for the final production process.

Sometimes the whole crop is picked by hand from start to finish when harvesting for very fine olive oil production. The highest quality of olive oil is ‘flor de acetate (flower of the oil) which is essentially a fine juice that is neither centrifuged nor pressed.

It’s the remaining juice that is collected from the olive paste in the process of grinding. This juice contains all the goods, the strong piquant flavor, vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids.

The andalucianolives shop:

The shop on the includes a lot of products to make your day. A variety of olive oils from Luciano olive oil to extra virgin olive oil are listed on the website at very cheap prices and the very best quality. You cannot find this much variety in any local shop. Apart from the olive oils the website also includes olive soaps which are very hard to find. These 100 percent olive oil soaps will give you the best skin with noticeable differences within few weeks. You can also find olive leave extracts on it to make your kind of olives products. These will be the best olive leave extracts available online.

Information relating to olives:

There is also a tab on the website that gives the customer all the information you may need. It includes content on different topics of olive oil to make you more aware of it. Articles on olive oil first thing in the morning to unfiltered olive oil benefits are some of the examples. These top-quality contents are for customers as well as for those who just want to enhance their knowledge on Andalusia olive oil or any other.

if you don’t know anything about olives just visit the website and we can confidently say when you leave, you will be very well aware of a lot of things. So, what are you waiting for?

Customer care:

We do care about the customers. Customers are our number one priority. That is why the first thing you will notice on the website on the top left corner, is the let’s chatbox. This box is given as a facility to the customers if they have any questions or confusions they can ask and also get a very quick and helpful answer. Our team on will respond as soon as possible to remove any problem and facilitate you better.

The products on the website are also fresh and of the best quality. We will be providing you with the top premium products. We assure you will not be disappointed and will come back after your first purchase. The Mediterranean diet will give you a lot of health benefits. The website will also be providing our beloved customers with important knowledge relating to olives.

You can easily be a part of the family by just subscribing to the website with your email.

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