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Roux with olive oil

A roux is a combination of equal placement of flour and fats. A roux is made when the part of the floor is cooked properly. You can easily make a roux with butter. Butter can be used as fat. But what happens if you find out you are out of butter and you are also in a hurry. Then a much better and healthier option is olive oil replacement. Making a roux with olive oil will be amazing for a substitute roux without butter.

This recipe will work wonder wonders. Cook the olive oil with flour until it's dark brown or whatever type of roux you want. In this article we will tell you how to make a roux with olive oil, what are the things to keep an eye on, and the types of roux. So, without further ado, let's get into it.


First of all, starting with ingredients to let you know the things to have. So be prepared and list it down.

· Olive oil of any kind

· Flour

· White pepper

· Cheese

· Milk

· Salt

· Nutmeg

How to cook:

After you have gathered all the things, be ready because the next step is cooking it

· Get a pot and put it on the flame on medium heat

· Put some olive oil on the pot

· Then the next step is to add a floor when the olive oil starts to shine

· Let the floor cook for 30 seconds and keep stirring it

· After 30 seconds put 1/4th cup of milk and mix it well

· After proper mixing adds the rest of the 3/4th of the cup of milk.

· Starts boiling it until the roux cover the spoon

· Get the pot out of the flames and put the cheese in it and keep stirring

· Put the nutmegs in the pot too

· Put the salt and pepper according to your taste

The roux with olive oil is ready to be used. It may look a bit thin at first because of its warmness but as it cools down it will become thick and perfect for use. Don’t worry you won't have the taste of olive oil in the roux because the olive oil is cooked and it eliminates its taste. And this is how you make a good roux.

Uses of roux:

The roux can be used on several different recipes of soups and sauces to add a bit more flavour.

· Mac and cheese

· Spinach

· French onions

· Pasta

· Chipotle cheese sauce

· Curry

Types of roux:

There are some things you should keep in mind. The first is to choose the type of roux as there are four types of roux.

White roux: the white roux is the thickest option and it is made by cooking it for 5 mins. Best for pasta and macrons.

Blonde roux: the blond roux is another thick roux that is best for stock-based sauces, chilis, and stews. It is cooked for 20 mins.

Brown roux: the brown roux is a bit lighter option it is not very thick as compared to white and blonde and is best for gumbo. And it is cooked for 35 minutes.

Dark brown roux: the dark brown roux is cooked for 45 mins which makes it the lightest roux. This light roux is mainly used in Cajun dishes.

So, choose among these according to your need to add more flavours to your favourite recipe.


Q: after using olive oil will the roux taste like olive oil

Ans: no, because of the olive oil being cooked on heat. The taste of the olive oil will be eliminated from the roux.

Q: What type of olive oil should I use

Ans: every type of olive oil can be used to make the roux. The extra virgin oil is recommended because it is used in this recipe

Q: what should be the level of heat

Ans: the heat should be kept at a medium level because high heat can easily burn the roux.

Q: can the roux be stored for later use

Ans: Yes, the roux can be stored in the refrigerator for later use and is good to use for a long time without the worries of it getting spoiled.

Q: Can you substitute olive oil for vegetable oil

Ans: yes, the best option for roux without butter is roux with olive oil. Vegetable oil has a higher smoking point and can burn more easily.

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