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4 Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

4 Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gift Set

SKU: 1000010000

Discover the best extra virgin olive oils on the market, expertly paired with an exquisite balsamic vinegar. The ultimate collection of premium olive oils and balsamic vinegar, this gift set is perfect for people who love to cook and entertain. Choose from a number of flavours to suit your recipient’s personality.


Strong, full-bodied, and silky, our infused extra virgin olive oils will delight your palate. Elevate your next party with this enticing set of fine Spanish olive oils and balsamic vinegar.


Our premium gift set includes one balsamic vinegar and your choice of Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil and flavoured extra virgin olive oils. Choose from this specially curated list to create the ultimate gift: Chilli, Garlic, Lemon, Basil, White Truffle or Spanish Balsamic vinegar.


The boxes are designed to hold a special gift: a taste of our most popular gourmet varieties. Choose from this exclusive collection of olive oils and balsamic vinegar as the ideal gift for friends and family.

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